The greater the number of jammers, the better the interference effect?

Due to the wide variety of 4G telephone signal blockers, you can cut off the 4G telephone signal. Of course, we can’t see all the details of using high-power cheap mobile phone jammers in the room. , This is the best way to give an example, and then look at the details of this part, use 3G 4G Wimax signal blocker, its full name is “30 W high power 3G 4G Wimax signal jammer and omnidirectional antenna”, then Looking at the details soon you will know that this high-power signal blocker is designed with eight antennas, and this high-power interference technology is designed to reduce the CDMA GSM DCS / PCS 3G 4G Wimax signal, thereby making these signal bands of mobile phones Can be blocked and lost and the ability to receive messages, so that the use of 4G Wimax signals inside 3G to block devices can function as a security tool. In addition to the high-power output power of 30W, the interference radius of the jammer can reach 100 meters, depending on the signal strength in a given area. The omnidirectional antenna design is used. Its function is very powerful and can meet the current requirements.

Blocking cell phone signals is very helpful. Your child came when he was a teenager. You know that you are not allowed to order again. Therefore, please open your brain and buy this mobile phone signal blocker, wifi will help you secretly. Once they use the phone to play games or do some time-wasting things, do not consider learning them, you can turn on the phone signal to interfere with the buttons. They will not be able to play games, and you will have the opportunity to communicate face-to-face with them. Also in schools, blocking cell phone signals will disrupt cheating and continue to check. Look! Mobile phones and portable jammer The use of directional antenna design can easily prevent CDMA, GSM, DCS, PCS, 3G and WiFi along a certain direction, blocking the direction interference.

How do we install a 4G mobile phone jammer in prison to work normally. We must find the right path. As you know, the situation in prison is very complicated. Usually, there are guards, workshops and offices in the activity square, and criminals in prisons. Under normal circumstances, the guard room does not need to protect the signal, but must protect the workshop, ward activities and signals in the dormitory.

First of all, the installation procedure of the workshop is very practical and simple, because the workshop is always open. Just install a mobile phone jammer in every 30-meter open area on each floor. The height can not exceed three meters, only considering the length and scope of the workshop, the number, we can estimate the number of mobile phone signal jammers to be installed. However, it is difficult to install a cell phone jammer in the dormitory. Many concrete walls must increase interference to achieve the penetration of shielded signals. Therefore, we must install a jammer every fifteen meters from each floor to ensure that the shield is shielded. In addition, if blind spots are found during the installation process, we will choose to install many jammers on the outer wall of the dormitory. However, it is necessary to consider the previous water resistance and meet the number of dormitory to know the number of jammers.