The jammer has been put into use in many places

With the development of GPS tracking devices and other tracking devices, it is not difficult to find that more and more people are carrying portable GPS jammers when traveling, on the one hand to protect their position, on the other hand, for driving cars The way of protection is also very important. Ensure that their travel is not affected by the outside world. The tracking situation no longer only appears in film and television, but has become a common phenomenon in many countries. The GPS tracker is likely to be your boss or your wife. Worried that your boss or wife is following you, which makes you lose your privacy, and this GPS L1 jammer will make your car escape better.

The invention of GPS jammer not only provides safety for people, but also provides a layer of protection for cars. People are grateful for the invention of GPS signal jammers, which makes them no longer worry about being tracked by GPS trackers and posing a threat to their safety.

GPS jammers and GPS tracking devices are very important for police and military personnel. Based on the principle of making them more secure, many products on the market are currently in demand by people and can protect people’s lives. The technological advancement of the invention of automobile GPS signal jammers provided them with important protection measures. To use the gps jammer to protect you, please enter our category menu, and then choose the portable GPS signal jammer is your ideal choice.

The solution looks simple, but it is very complicated to use. The guardian asked Cal Leming, a security consultant, to hijack the device easily. In particular, cybercriminals only use Ethernet cables to connect to the network. For consultant Darren Martyn, the use of jammers may also affect people near the criminals, thereby affecting the range of the interference zone.

Mary Aiken, a professor of online psychology at the University of Dublin, believes that the best way to combat cybercrime is through education. For her, it is necessary to “reassess the impact of technology on youth”. Mary Aiken is promoting an educational program to raise awareness and skills of digital youth.

We found that these portable signal blockers can be found on many websites in the United States, and these websites have not hesitated to publish important promotional information. For standard jammers, only about $ 100 is calculated.

Just install WiFi and cell phone jammers are religious places, such as some temples or churches, of course, large enterprises, time is considered money, employees are not allowed to use mobile phones, they should work. Mobile jammers can also be installed in major theaters, movie theaters or concert halls.

Car anti-theft system based on GSM mainly includes: car terminal (microcontroller, GPs module, GSM module, sensor circuit), GSM network, monitoring center and user mobile phone. TC35 is a new generation wireless communication GSM module launched by Siemens, which can quickly, safely and reliably implement data, voice transmission, short message service and fax in the system solution.

The ignition lock and manual lock installed on the car cannot effectively prevent the car from being stolen, so many modern cars are equipped with electronic anti-theft alarms. When a theft occurs, the alarm horn will sound for a period of time, thus shutting down the car engine. A communication platform with remote monitoring function is designed, which provides a comprehensive solution for vehicle anti-theft and monitoring, and provides a technical foundation for the wireless network development of vehicle anti-theft systems. It is widely used in many vehicles, but vehicle theft cases have not been completely eliminated. There are still many professional thefts that use high-tech means, equipment interference and attacks on car security systems. GSM jammers can interfere with the GSM network in the anti-theft system.