Phone jammer can prevent the transmission of mobile phones and WiFi signals

There are several reasons why you should choose to prevent cell phone signals and GPS interference. First of all, when you are worried about your privacy and want to get rid of any GPS tracking system, this device can help you reach an excellent working range. Second, the internal cooling fan of the cooling system has been used for a long time. Third, you can set or disable individual bands without affecting the operation of other groups. Fourth, the desk phone and the disturbed GPS signal can provide high power to make the interference distance farther. The most important thing is that this interference signal can also be customized to suit the customer’s frequency band. Welcome to the band so that we can customize it for you. Don’t hesitate not to waste any precious time information on public research. To contact us, please order 2G 3G 4G mobile phone signal blockers and GPS full-band jammers for you.

The military jammer’s phone jammer is that it can prevent the transmission of mobile phones and WiFi signals, so it requires more power. 216W high power waterproof telephone portable jammer with “directional panel antenna (JFC-021-0086)” For example, WiFi cellular jammer, because this high power jammer mobile phone is designed for 216W high power, according to the given area Signal strength, it has interference up to 150 meters. Therefore, this high-power 216W WiFi interference cell phone can simultaneously disconnect the 2G 3G 4G signal and the WiFi signal. In addition to the fact that this jammer has used a directional antenna panel, the WiFi phone’s ability to interfere has also been enhanced, so it may have a strong ability to block signals into the blocking direction. Waterproof design, this high-power WiFi phone jammer is especially suitable for outdoor use.

Soon, you will know that the multi-name high-power tunable signal blocking device introduced here is “jammer multi-adjustable WiFi 3G 3G jammer”, you may also know that it uses a built-in antenna design, so others have found that This high-power 3G WiFi blocking signal has been used in conference rooms, offices, homes, churches, classrooms, and many other places to achieve conditions of peace and security.

In addition to the 20W power design, the interference distance between this high-power blocking WiFi 3G signal and the detailed signal power is 25 meters. It can cut off the DCS PCS CDMA GSM 3G WiFi signal, and it can also be a truly powerful Bluetooth. Therefore, this WiFi Bluetooth adjustable 3G mobile phone jammer also uses a high-quality cooling system, so the high-power WiFi 3G stop signal always maintains a good working state. What is really important is that this high-power 3G WiFi barrier signal is designed with adjustable buttons so that according to actual needs, the interference distance and interference band can be easily determined at the same time.

And because of its good design and strong anti-interference ability, more and more people now want to use these high-power adjustable hidden signal jammers when necessary. Come here and choose the best price.