Companies installing jammers can improve employee productivity

One will prevent the detection and interference of the UAV’s radio-controlled frequency. A more improper option is to use radio signals between the drone and its ground station to identify the location of the ground station, and then detonate it in the air or with gunfire. Kobe showed the driver a position, and they agreed it seemed to be a problem. However, when they tried to warn the team, they realized they could not do it. The telephone jammer in the interference store activated its radio jammer to interrupt the telephone signal used to detonate the explosive device.

Although mobile phones have enabled instant messaging for everyone, they are rapidly becoming global killers, causing 20% ​​of fatal road traffic accidents worldwide each year, of which only half of Indian highways are recorded. The groundbreaking new technology developed by Abdul Shabeer, a PhD student at Anna University of Technology in Simbato, and his colleagues RSD Wahidabanu and H. Abdul Zubar will disrupt the use of truck drivers ’mobile phones on long-distance routes to prevent accidents.

At present, due to the cheap price, small wireless routers are very convenient, and the speed of providing wireless Internet is getting faster and faster. At the same time, the phenomenon that employees can connect to wireless wifi through their mobile phones and tablets is becoming more and more popular. Many employees have wireless routers, and then visit the company in a local area network (LAN) to provide wireless Internet access for their mobile phones and tablets. In order to solve this phenomenon, portable jammer can be installed in the company, which can improve the efficiency of employees and reduce the problem of excessive Internet access for employees.

A more comprehensive integrated marine air defense system is designed to shoot down drones, fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters, and includes non-kinetic (interference) and kinetic energy weapons to shoot down drones. The kinetic energy weapon is a 7.62mm miniature gun mounted on the new Humvee replacement “Joint Light Tactical Vehicle”. The Marine Corps plans to eventually equip LMADIS with laser jammer weapons. LMADIS is part of the Marine Air Defense Artillery and part of a broader effort to restore short-range air defense. Despite the U.S. overwhelming superiority in air power in the past to protect U.S. ground forces from air strikes, the proliferation of drones as a weapon of war created a weapon that could easily sneak into the ground marines under the patrol of F-35 fighters .

Can I stop the driver from calling? New jammers made by Indian engineers can turn off the driver ’s phone while the driver continues to speak or send text messages, allowing the driver to make a decision. According to Smithsonian, the system uses RFID (radio frequency identification) technology to determine whether the driver is trying to use a mobile phone in a moving car. This triggers the jammer to turn off the driver’s phone, which is more effective than the smartphone application that needs to be installed on the criminal’s phone.