The jammer detects that you are using the phone and immediately disables it

The tension between the United States and Iran put countries on the brink of war, especially after Iran shot down an unmanned U.S. drone and led President Trump to first order a military strike on the regime, although the attack occurred in After the middle of Iran. The crisis has eliminated fear of high victims in Iran. The United States accused the Iranian regime of being responsible for six attacks on commercial tankers that used mines to punch holes in the fuselage. Iran denied the attack on the tanker and insisted that the crashed US drone flew into Iranian airspace. The regime also stated that after the Royal Marines detained an Iranian tanker near the waters of Gibraltar, it detained a British tanker, which was allegedly violated EU sanctions and was transported to Syria.

A few weeks ago, after a series of suspected chemical weapon attacks on civilians east of the rebel-controlled area of ​​Guta, the Russians began collecting GPS signals from certain small American drones. Officials said that the Russian military was concerned that the US military was responsible for the attack and began to interfere with the GPS systems of drones operating in the area. The Ministry of Defence, on the ground of operational safety, does not say whether destructive drones will crash. A Pentagon spokesman said: “The U.S. military has taken appropriate countermeasures and safeguards to ensure the safety of our manned and unmanned aircraft, our armed forces and the tasks they support.

When the driver turns on the ignition, the fault system will always work. The portable jammer receives the radiation from the phone. The device can detect whether the driver or front passenger is using the phone. “Once the driver ’s mobile phone usage is detected, the short-range jammer will deactivate the mobile phone without affecting the mobile phones of other passengers. The system is powered by the vehicle,” Shabeer, who studied computer science and engineering at Anna University in Chennai Say.

Combined with the latest mobile phone jammer portable detection wireless router wireless router, and block the function of the wireless router, and further improve the local area network (LAN) detection in the new version of the wireless router to prohibit the use of wireless routers, is currently the only domestic Search the precise wireless router software of the local area network (LAN); at the same time, it also strengthens the local area network function of testing the mobile phone and tablet computer in the wireless local area network environment to find the local area network, which can effectively achieve the wireless router banned mobile phone, the touch panel function on the wireless router Internet Thereby, devices such as mobile phones, tablets, and mobile Internet devices are prevented from accessing the wireless LAN.