Prosecute and imprison users of GPS jammers

A mobile phone jammer is a device that allows the 13759 mobile phone to send signals in the same frequency range and generate its transmission, which is effectively prevented by strong interference. People who use the phone to complain will lose the signal, but do not know why. The phone shows poor reception. With the widespread use of mobile phones, there has been a recovery. Although some people practice good manners on their mobile phones, many people still discuss their private, commercial or social affairs in public places and force everyone to listen. People often chat on trains, subways, buses, grocery stores, shopping centers and cafes to make their compatriots even more angry. This allows some people to keep things in their hands. If you use Messenger in a handbag or wallet, you can turn off the phone by turning on the switch. As long as the device is activated, if the distance between the device and the signal source is insufficient, it cannot be reconnected.

In this case, each time the consumer equipment is shipped, the supplier must also take responsibility. Most of us do not understand that the support life cycle associated with these devices lasts only 6 months. After the contract is over, we will no longer receive support or equipment updates from suppliers because they want to help with the upcoming new products. This problem has become a threat. However, many people believe that there are others who will be infected by spam, or their identity or credit card information is stolen. You must wake up and take immediate action, because all this is happening. Therefore, a 4G jammer must be used.

These devices pose serious social risks and are unlawfully illegal in the United States. The FCC is optimistically prosecuting anyone who purchases GPS jammers and will prosecute and imprison anyone who uses GPS jammers. Despite this, they are still easy to buy online, and their supporters say they should maintain this status. You can get many GPS jammers from many online resources for only $ 50.

A spokesperson for perfectjammer Technology Co., Limited said that long-range GPS jammers use radio frequency interference technology to block UAVs in the air to help establish the security of military or military installations. Citizen of the colony. The gun operates on the 2.4 GHz 5.8 GHz Wi-Fi standard GPS and ISM radio frequency bands, and may interfere with signals from commercial drones. The spray gun can operate in a wide frequency range, so that the drone can be detected and dropped from a distance.