The most intuitive performance of the jammer is to regard its power as the interference radius

The greater the power of the jammer, the greater the interference and the larger the interference radius. Although the interference radius is as small as 5 meters, it can reach 1 km. This is because the power is different. Obviously, the greater the interference, the higher the effect and the higher the price. Therefore, the most intuitive performance of buying a car jammer is to regard its power as the interference radius. The second factor is the interference of the local signal strength, which can be said to be the distance from the mobile tower. The closer the telephone signal tower is, the stronger the telephone signal is, and the more serious the interference effect is. If the room is close to the signal tower, the gsm jammer may not work, because in general, the power of the mobile tower is much higher than the interference power. We also noticed that if you use a low-power gps jammer to block high-power devices (such as high-power Bluetooth wireless routers), it may not work properly.

Unlike large high-altitude subjects, cell phone jammers are other desktop jammers that are compact and stylish, not to mention cake boxes, so it ’s easy to hide cellphone jammers drones everywhere-if you do n’t want others to find it . Improvements have also been made on the antenna-the built-in device, although the appearance is not big, but the accommodation effect can not be small, the mobile phone jammer still maintains good performance. Powerful output power, the device has a perfect coverage of about 40 meters, which means that all 2G, 3G, 4G mobile phones have lost the ability to connect with others, including WIFI through the signal chat application tool. In addition to WIFI jammers, if they work under the conditions of WIFI 2400-2500MHZ, they can also block wireless tablets, iPads, wireless spy cameras and recorders to protect our phones.

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When you host an important meeting, but someone ’s phone suddenly rings, even if you tell them to turn off the phone before the meeting, it ’s annoying. To solve this problem, mobile jammers were invented. If you need a more powerful blocking telephone jammer, you can choose a high-power telephone jammer.