Jammers have many different sizes and functions

Most people familiar with jammers know that wireless jammers on the market have many different sizes and functions, but the advantage here is that most of them are small enough to fit in almost any pocket or bag. -This means you can carry them almost anywhere. In fact, they can be used as pranks, so when you are at home with friends, make sure to carry the device with you. Once they realize that there is a problem with their cell phone signal, you will be surprised to see their faces.

Many of us may have seen the gps jammer used in the movie, but do you know that you can buy one of these devices? These devices are available to everyone and are not as expensive as you think. In fact, these jammers are very economical, even jammers with a limited budget can afford one of these devices. Therefore, if you are curious about how the GPS jammer works, then these devices are not as complicated or special as you think. Their function is very simple, they replace the two frequencies used by mobile phones, one for speaking and the other for listening.

With the development of economy and the improvement of people’s living standards, people usually ask us to provide detailed information of real-name authentication information when buying a car, which may lead to the disclosure of personal information; personal information may also be leaked at the point of purchase, which is required by e-commerce platform users. Provide his name, phone number and other personally identifiable information, and online shopping must fill in the address of the recipient. Platforms and stores can obtain various personal information from users; the express delivery industry is also a disaster area for personal information leakage. He directly displayed the recipient’s name, phone number, address and other personal information. Therefore, our personal information is always exposed to sunlight, which is very dangerous to us.