GPS receiver may directly affect the communication of the target

For the uplink and downlink channels of the mobile phone system, it uses frequency multiplication, frequency division and frequency hopping filtering techniques to analyze the required shielding frequency. According to the ability of the obstacle to customize the size of the spherical screen space, it will automatically train to protect the magnetic field within the specified range, thereby manufacturing mobile phones (including PHS, PHS GSM, DCS, PCS, CDMA, 3G, 4G, 4G LTE) in Mobile phone chess space. When the mobile phone signal interference equipment is in the working state, it may cause the mobile phone’s sending and receiving signals to fail within the specified range and cannot be dialed to achieve the prohibition of mandatory purposes. Common places for cell phone signal jammers can be used in large venues such as examination rooms and conference rooms.

Cell phone jammers will block the cell phone tower, so nearby phones will not display any services. Once the interfering device is turned off, all calls will resume, which is an easy way to stay away from noisy phones. Mobile phone portable jammer will only block the frequency band used by the mobile phone, and will not prevent the normal use of other electronic devices unless you choose to block the functions of the electronic devices together.

For AC-130 crew members, enemies that block their communication systems or data links are particularly dangerous to US special operations personnel, conventional support forces, and innocent bystanders. Combat helicopters rely heavily on these systems to help locate and correctly identify targets, and then coordinate attacks with other manned and unmanned aircraft in the field and joint tactical air controllers. If GPS positioning fails due to GPS jamming equipment, then these drones will lose their effectiveness.

Blocking the GPS receiver may directly affect the helicopter’s ability to accurately attack the target. The AC-130W Stinger II is a type known to us that can fly over Syria and Iraq and relies heavily on precision-guided ammunition, including GPS guidance, such as the small-diameter GBU-39 bomb / B. Common drone shells on the market are fully integrated rifle countermeasures that can be used with a variety of drone models. Although it looks like the cruelest weapon you have ever seen, it is actually a high-power drone jammer that can destroy multiple frequency bands at the same time.