The appearance of jammers seriously threatens the communications industry

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The Russian army once again interfered with GPS in northern Norway last month. This effect is particularly noticeable in the aviation and telecommunications industries. Prior to this, a similar week-long riot occurred in the same area in September. Later that month, the Baltic harassment interrupted Latvia, Sweden and Norway, and he intervened. It is believed that Russia has begun to confuse and eliminate advanced American forces. Syria’s weapon system.

The U.S. military hopes that gps jammer installed on drones will dominate the future of electronic warfare and move toward a procurement method that is poorly understood and poorly managed. GPS signal jammers can distinguish between hostile drones. If the threat is determined to be a hostile threat, it is classified as a real threat and then intercepted during the “action” phase. Drone jammers can be deployed in the shortest time and take immediate action. These signal interceptors only work in a safe area, and can completely disable all drone flights from 1 to 2000 meters.

Russia now has the ability to scramble and intercept video streams on drones. The country has a variety of portable in-vehicle electronic warfare systems that can interfere with the transmission and transmission of false information over the network, including “spoofing” GPS signals, and may send groups and vehicles, such as the most common GPS jammer devices that affect GPS positioning And navigation.