Excessive jammer temperature will cause circuit damage

Mobile phone jammers can interfere with WiFi, CDMA, GSM, DCS / PCS, 3G signals. The perfect multi-function WiFi jammer, depending on the signal strength in your area. The blocking range is up to 15 meters. The WiFi signal blocker design is really great. There is a cooling fan inside. We can guarantee good conditions of use. Using the Wi-Fi signal jammer, you can stay away from the noise and quiet environment of mobile phone calls, and the mobile phone signal jammer can prevent tracking. You can also protect the network security. You can also prevent others from using it. You can use mobile jammers in many other areas and places.

Cell phone jammer in university

Signal jammers can interfere with mobile phone signals such as conference rooms and test rooms. In order to avoid the influence of mobile phone communication in conferences and tests, and prevent information leakage and test cheating, radio signal gps jammer have become a popular tool. The existing signal shielding device mainly controls the interference switch manually. This program cannot be set automatically. High working intensity. Inconvenient to use. The shielding equipment has no monitoring equipment. We cannot fix it in time. Excessive temperature of the jammer will cause circuit damage.

The safe area means that babies, pregnant women, the elderly, disabled people, etc. will not be adversely affected by the intensity of environmental electromagnetic waves. Regardless of whether the telephone jammer installed in the examination room is safe or not, professional institutions will determine the location of students. The public and the government need to adopt a scientific and objective attitude on this issue. I have questions about installing mobile jammers. I have the right to object. Government agencies respect rights and use scientific methods to communicate with the public. Actively check whether the security risks of mobile phone screens comply with national standards.