Jammers have been controversial in various countries

With the advancement of technology worldwide, the financial industry has not lagged behind. Millions of people have accepted this fundamental change in mobile banking. People are using a variety of mobile devices to perform bank transactions, and in the coming years and months, tens of thousands of people are expected to join this trend. In almost all applications, security is of paramount importance, but for bank-related applications, the demand for security is more urgent. This is and should continue to be the top priority when building applications. Many people use wireless networks to pay, so it is more dangerous because wifi has many loopholes. But the latest findings of security researchers show that the results of the security investigation are shocking. Some hackers use high-tech means, such as mobile phone jammers to steal your money.

Ever bothered by someone chatting loudly on the phone and disturbing your commute? It turns out that there is a way to terminate these calls-but this is illegal and may cause serious security problems for others. A controversial device is simply and properly called a “mobile phone portable jammer“, which can mute the phone. “There is a lot of noise, constant discussion, people tell each other what to eat for dinner, what to do on the weekend, and then get annoying.” That’s where cell phone jammers appear. Someone decided to stop and use the device to interrupt the cell phone signal. “You ask them very well. If you can lower it a bit and they don’t, then we will cut it off.

Today, modern wireless technology has become a very important part of our lives. Can you imagine a world without all these smartphones, tablets, mobile internet and other portable devices? We really use them often, and those portable devices are often used in various business affairs and even important social services. GPS is a prominent example of this widely used wireless technology. The GPS is not only used for citizen navigation, but also for rescue teams and aviation and naval purposes. As you know, the system itself is essential for many social services, and if there is no GPS one day, it may even cause panic. This may be the main reason why those GPS signal blockers are considered illegal. They are very dangerous because they can disrupt important communications. The development of jammers is particularly rapid. In recent years, a number of companies producing high-tech jammers have appeared in China. For example, jammer – shop. Some commentators believe that Chinese interference directly threatens US national security.