The jammer will cause great harm to human health?

With the rapid development of economy and society, the speed of informationization has been accelerated, and it has also been widely used in the field of social wireless communication technology. It makes people’s lives more efficient, better quality, and more fulfilling. Every aspect of people’s lives is inseparable from wireless access technology. At the same time, how much does the electromagnetic radiation of various parts of the base station based on wireless signals affect human health? Become a signal of a large signal in the minds of many people, especially those living near the base station. Let us listen to the authority of experts discussing related topics today. Relevant experts pointed out: The impact of electromagnetic radiation of wireless communication base stations on human health, various countries have strict restrictions on the technical standards of electromagnetic radiation, the electromagnetic radiation of communication base stations conforms to the standards set by the state, and the electromagnetic radiation problems of some base stations are mainly psychological influences. Relevant departments and experts recommend further increasing the publicity and explanation of jammer knowledge, and incorporating it into the urban construction plan for the construction of communication base stations in cities to promote the healthy development of the national electromagnetic technology science.

Nowadays, installations are everywhere on the street, and we can see satellite signal jammers. Installed in the eyes of many people, this can save money and get a lot of quick signals to kill two birds with one stone. However, what is not known behind this is the great harm to human health. Let us listen to the explanations of authoritative experts. The C-band electromagnetic signal of the satellite signal jammer is nearly five thousand times higher than the signal strength of the satellite! The electromagnetic waves emitted by satellites will be absorbed by the land and buildings after reaching the ground! And due to the strong electromagnetic propagation, structures or obstacles will spread in all directions! ! ! Pass or reflect according to the material of different obstacles! The human body belongs to the pass type! The gps jammer is mainly used for military purposes! The person living in the ray is equivalent to the life within the scanning range of the X-ray machine! Imagine how much damage will happen! I do not know why satellite interference signals are used for civilian use in many places due to the application of interference methods? Even people who interfere with the equipment will not know the harm of such equipment to the human body! Which one is the most harmful to infants, young children and adolescents! For adults only affect fertility. It is the male sperm that has lost vitality! Women will increase the chance of ectopic pregnancy and severe cancer! But the cost of the jammer is very low!

This is the era of 3G 4G popularity. For the public, the concept of 5G is new. Perhaps many people will go from 4G to 4G, and the era of 5G will reappear. Although there is no unified concept of 5G so far, for ordinary users, 5G technology will enable mobile users to enjoy a wireless Internet experience similar to the current home optical network. What we feel in the 5G era is the Internet, a leap like a spaceship, allowing us to experience the unpredictability of the online world. The existing jammer is in front of the gadget of the 5G network. The 5G network is the foundation of the current Internet of Things. The 5G network has been regarded as the foundation of the future Internet of Things, because the so-called “Internet of Things will contain billions of sensors, applications, security systems, health displays, smartphones, smart watches And other equipment.