Jammer to protect your phone data

As George Orwell explained, the bureaucracy made two speeches in this way for very sinister reasons. But why ask this question, why is this device full of what should be “glitches” and only shut down after a long protest by journalists and representatives singing in the room? At 5:47 pm, I went to the press room and learned that my phone was blocked. The phone was not just blocked at around 7:10 pm. It was not until the members of the opposition Congress pointed out to President Baleka Mbete that such interference was a violation of the Constitution, and it attracted the attention of the small parties and they shut down the device. So far, most ANC members do not seem to have paid too much attention to our right to freedom of expression, and perhaps still not.

If we really want to solve the problem, we must do better than the error safety of the new and expensive gadgets that cannot be used. Cellular network operators can work with prisons to block all explicitly authorized calls (called “whitelists”), or they can monitor cell phone traffic from prisons from unauthorized sources. We can also reduce the telephone charges that prisoners call their families. As Beiser ’s “Connect” article points out, most prisoners use contraband mobile phones to keep in touch with their families because they cannot afford the high phone rate in prison. This makes it extremely profitable to rent cell phones from prisoners. Reduce the benefits of smuggling mobile phone rentals, and reduce (though not eliminate) the motivation to bring in mobile phones. Fortunately, before the CellAntenna scam occurs, people will be wise. Not only that, security that is easily circumvented is worse than no security. The money spent on jammers that sink like a sieve can not only be used to improve prison security and suppress smuggling measures. It is this situation that is dangerous to everyone who uses wireless-meaning everyone today.

As long as modern robots can do many things, such as jumping, flying, keeping balance, etc. Almost anyone can use them to conduct hidden surveillance of people who do not know day or night. One of them may be you. To protect yourself from increasing threats, you can use a portable ja mmer on the robot, which can be set to block all frequencies it uses (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, standard remote control, GPS, GSM, etc.). At the same time, the Obama administration is actively seeking ways to enable mobile consumers and wireless Internet customers to have more control and security over their private data when using laptops or only using Wi-Fi hotspots for the Internet. On their phones. Before finding a brilliant moment for a solution, you can use our MONSTRO jammer to protect your mobile phone data, GPS location data and other private information from the surveillance requirements of mobile phones by law enforcement agencies. Legal and other government agencies.

What can I add? You cannot prevent this type of tracking because it does not affect the Earth ’s magnetic field, and this indoor tracking system does not use any wireless signals to work. If this Finnish solution is implemented on site, a new type of indoor monitoring may appear. It is located in each building, allowing us to track location without using a smartphone application. You can do nothing. The only thing you can do is to avoid current location positioning solutions based on Wi-Fi signals and Bluetooth jammers, just like Walkbase and Qubulus. To this end, you can use indoor tracking jammers and protect your privacy until magnetic tracking technology has not been implemented worldwide.