Signal jammer cannot work under high temperature for a long time

Maybe you did n’t know it would disturb the call. Therefore, here is the illustrated example. This powerful Bluetooth Wi-Fi GPS with 10 12 W antennas can cut off the signals of UHF, VHF, 3G and 4G mobile phones. It mainly has the following advantages: First, it is a multi-functional high-power 12W signal circuit breaker that can cut off various signals at the same time, such as DCS PCS 3G Wifi Bluetooth 4G. Secondly, according to the actual situation, the working distance of this high-power 3G 4G mobile phone jammer can reach 10 meters. Therefore, you cannot publish messages over the telephone network at a location about 10 meters away from this interfering phone. Suitable for weddings and other occasions. However, if you want to use it at the above wedding, you certainly need a more powerful jammer.

To solve this problem, we did not provide a separate low-power cooling fan for the pocket jammer. We know that if there is no interference fan or portable jammer damage or jammer, the jammer signal can not work for a long time, and keep at normal operating temperature, please keep the normal operating temperature No one is looking for you, you can wipe it dry You can take care of it. Although satellite dishes are illegal, millions of Iranians are still watching satellite channels to follow programs often banned from public television, such as singing competitions or Western music videos. The police often conduct raids on buildings to find and destroy satellite dishes, but Rouhani took a more moderate route. Shortly after he was elected president last year, he clearly expressed his opposition to harsh police suppression. He said: “In the age of the digital revolution, you cannot live or rule in isolation.”

Sending interference devices with an effective distance of less than 10 feet to users seems to be the same as many DIY kits on the market, which seems unfair. If you look closely, you will even notice that some advertisers admit that the device can only work 2-3 feet. 2-3 feet? It is 24-36 inches. This is the length of the arm. You can also easily find and shut down the problematic phone by yourself. If you are looking for a phone blocker that is less than 3 feet away, you must give the device a chance. We will not be against you. We even hope it is useful to you. These devices are as useful as mobile applications that tell you how to use your own mobile phone to make a mobile jammer (save money without buying the application).