Your phone is the most harmful to your eyes

There are already many gadget gadgets on the market that use the same Bluetooth navigation technology. However, there are several serious security holes in these vulnerabilities, and we will contact them later. Well, a beacon costs up to $30, and can work on a battery for two years, and many companies are updating their existing equipment to support iBeacon. An interesting feature here is the fact that iOS devices can act as beacons.

From an authoritative point of view, this idea is great. Not only will it bring more budgetary funds from advertising, but another advantage of this idea is that adding these plates with jammers will be more difficult to counterfeit. The third point here is that the solution will greatly reduce the cost of vehicle registration. The annual postal cost for vehicle registration and sending documents is about 20 million US dollars. If all data will be downloaded through the mobile Internet, this cost can be saved.

Der Spiegel wrote that mobile operators and major manufacturers are not involved in the process, but this is doubtful. First, major operators like Verizon have already expressed their attitude towards users’ personal data and sold it. Therefore, we believe that business is involved here. We have also written about vulnerabilities in modern mobile operating systems, and Spiegel’s report proves our point. It doesn’t matter which operating system you use now, many of them have their own specific security holes and portable jammer holes. Using them is just a matter of time and technology, and this may be how NSA introduces them to your smartphone.

It is hard to miss the fact that more and more aspects of our lives are online. Social media, news, banking, private conversations, etc. already exist. The problem is that intelligence agencies around the world have decided that they do not need any authorization, permission, or even tell anyone why they need this information. Therefore, it is important that people must understand that their information is in danger and begin to cooperate to prevent such espionage.

We think – the second truly dangerous jammer gadget is your smartphone. The problem with these devices is that people tend to store too much valuable data in them, not only personal data, but sometimes even very sensitive data, regardless of the fact that smartphones are very fragile. There are several very serious security holes. The main vulnerability of smartphones is malicious applications installed by users. In addition, when users use smart phones, such as mobile banking rules, they often ignore basic security rules.