Jammers just add an umbrella for your private data

You might say that this is not possible, but due to strict monitoring of Internet users, some of us may experience similar troubles. The latest research from the Wi-Fi Alliance Industrial Group shows that only one-third of users attempt unauthorized access to someone’s wireless network. The growth of smartphone users (probably used for hacking) and vulnerabilities in the Wi-Fi encryption protocol may lead to worse statistics.

Even if a hacker will not try to use a router against you like the guy who uses Buffalo, the hacker may just use your Internet connection and make it really slow. Moreover, if the security policy is not strictly configured, he can access your computer, smartphone or tablet. Therefore, we decided to provide you with some simple rules that you might follow to avoid trouble. This is the first portable jammer security issue because it can track any iOS device remotely without notifying the owner. As long as the iPhone has strong hackability, it can be easily achieved. The only disadvantage of using this technique for tracking is that the results are not very accurate, so you will be able to get the original location of the iOS gadget.

But that was a positive moment, and we wanted to prove that there are many problems in these sectors. First, there is no longer any need to track those license plates through the speed cam, which will be able to collect information about violations of the speed limit and send it on its own. Another problem here is that as long as the GSM frequency is used to transmit data, the board can be tracked through the triangulation of the jammer cell phone tower. We believe that these two issues are rude violations of privacy.

The problem is that no information will be declared anywhere, so we don’t know what data they will get from us. The Senate may do this to avoid any suspicious moments. They may remember the NSA’s spying scandal and hope to avoid this. The implementation of electronic license plates will first involve only service vehicles, such as UPS and FedEX carriers, and the first phase will not involve private vehicles. We hope that all the information collected will be announced so that people at least know what private data they share. You can also use jammers to help protect private data.