Wi-Fi jammers ensure the safety of home wireless networks

Globally, many companies are committed to reducing the threat of personal surveillance by producing equipment that is believed to provide personal safety. Many companies manufacture security spy jammer equipment. But the problem still exists. Are the hardware, software and encryption levels used for spy proof? If so, will they be able to afford the price or the price will exceed the affordability of ordinary citizens? Therefore, in this case, Mark Zi Dod (Azimuth Security’s director of information security consulting) should be commended: “Although security can be ensured, it is difficult to do because mobile phones do a lot of things. ”

The DeepFace project is divided into two stages. In the first stage, the software actually changed the angle of the image. The correction makes the picture face forward in the picture. The software uses a typical 3-dimensional model of the average frontal surface. In the next stage, neural networks will be introduced. It can calculate the value of the face. At this stage, it will compare the numerical data collected from the two images. If there is sufficient similarity in the data, the software will determine that the two images have the same face. If you do not trust this modern technology, we recommend that you choose a portable or fixed jammer provided by our store.

The Internet of Things must avoid using closed firmware, otherwise it will become the Internet of Things. This is very important for wireless devices that are constantly connected to the network, you must ensure that they do not share your data, and the only way to ensure 100% reliability is to use a wifi jammer or to ensure that the home wireless is properly configured Network security strategy. If the situation does not change, then our privacy will face greater risks. Because no one will know how their gadgets work, and it is difficult to ensure that your ordinary household appliances will not monitor you.

Researcher Ariel Sanchez revealed the results of a shocking investigation. After reviewing the mobile banking apps on the iPhone and iPad of the top 60 banks in the world, he published his findings. He found that as many as 90% of the applications provided by top banks to handle mobile banking business have serious security vulnerabilities, which may lead to the loss of sensitive bank information. The following are some of the main points revealed by the survey. For ordinary people, some terms may be a bit complicated. He found that up to 20% of applications have no technology to protect them from memory-damaging attacks. Up to 40% of audited applications do not have verified SSL certificates.

Others can easily inject JavaScript through UIWebview. These allow fraudsters to edit the source code, thereby manipulating them to perform tasks on behalf of mobile device owners. They can manipulate the device to perform operations such as sending SMS from the victim device. Up to 90% of mobile applications contain links that provide fraudsters with access to information. In this case, you should issue the address of the frozen account to your bank, turn off your mobile phone or use a mobile phone jammer. This is a worrying trend, and serious measures must be taken to mitigate these potential losses.