Jammers will only make your information safer

All of us use wireless networks, and most Internet users have their own Wi-Fi routers at home, which is really convenient, especially if you have several portable jammer gadgets that require an Internet connection. However, the main problem with these problems is that users do not actually consider the security of the home wireless network after setting the password. We have seen this in perfectjammer. Setting a password is just the first step. You need to do more to ensure the security of your Wi-Fi network.

The new version of the Apple operating system has many new features, one of which is iBeacon, which we will discuss today. There is a lot of information about this feature on the Internet. They say it will change the market for mobile payments and indoor navigation and will become the killer of NFC. We will see how to solve it. Therefore, iBeacon is a beacon that uses Bluetooth technology to broadcast three parameters: proximity UUID, primary and secondary parameters. There is nothing special here, but iOS7 makes it very easy to use them. Well, the first parameter-near UUID is a unique 128-bit identifier, and all beacons within a facility have similar pUUIDs. The primary and secondary parameters are 16-bit characters used to mark a beacon in pUUID. Apple recommends, but of course, you are free to use these parameters. It is easier to follow the recommendations.

Today, at perfectjammer, we want to emphasize the privacy protection of American drivers. Our government’s recent activities seem quite suspicious, and we believe that they should be discussed. You may have heard the idea of ​​equipping all cars with electronic license plates, which can be configured and controlled remotely. California Governor Jerry Brown is preparing to sign a law approved by the state’s Senate, which aims to equip all California cars with electronic license plates. Technically, this upgrade is not difficult, because the electronic board is a simple display that can be installed on the front and rear bumpers of the car. However, this solution may bring a wide range of opportunities, such as not only displaying service data (such as numbers) or “hijacked” status, but also displaying some advertisements and similar content. The displayed information will be remotely controlled and downloaded by the relevant department through the GPRS channel using GSM frequency.

The NSA scandal does not seem to disappear, as various social media are increasingly aware of the organization’s illegal activities. We all know that the National Security Agency (NSA) is collecting private information from American citizens and trying to tell us that this is a fight against terrorists. Well, now these guys are targeting the most vulnerable modern device-our smartphone. We always tell all readers that smartphones are dangerous. They have reached the top of the most dangerous mobile devices we recently released. Therefore, Der Spiegel tells us that the National Security Agency can obtain any information that can be stored remotely on your smartphone. They also told reporters that their reporters saw papers proving their claims. The addition of jammers will make your information more secure.