Jammer interrupted application access

Authorities said on Monday that two 14-year-old boys were accused of interfering with the WLAN in their school, preventing them from taking the exam. According to an NJ.com investigation, new immigrants from New Jersey High School have been charged with computer crimes and conspiracy to commit computer crimes. According to reports, after several Wi-Fi network crashes in a week, school officials notified the police on Thursday. According to a report on the NorthJersey.com website, captain Dennis Miller said that officials at the Sicox Middle School contacted the Sicox Police Department to let them know that the two students were “a ban on school as required Part of the plan for WiFi service “They may have purchased a jammer to block the school’s WLAN.

Their names have not been made public because they are minors. These boys have been released from their parents and are expected to appear in the Jersey City Juvenile Court. Principal Jennifer Montesano said on Monday that Wi-Fi is working again. She did not provide any details, but she said an investigation found that two students “may have been interfering with our system”. how did you do it? Some students told NJ.com that they thought the boys were using wifi jammer to interrupt programs or applications to attack the school’s routers through a denial of service (DoS) attack. Destroy registration for classwork or take online exams. The newsroom interviewed a junior student at Sicox High School. When a friend told her that she asked a suspect to interfere with the signal during the investigation, she told her that WiFi was not working. She said that this was done for both exams and entertainment.

Interference is not just an annoying thing. They pose an unacceptable risk to public safety because they may prevent the sending of emergency messages. Mobile phone jammers cannot distinguish between social phones or other mobile phones, or emergency calls to family members or 9-1-1 answering machines. Similarly, GPS and Wi-Fi jammers can maliciously interfere with conventional and critical communication services. First of all, these students should not be impressed by the so-called technical cunning of their classmates. Although it is prohibited to sell, sell, or use jammers in the United States, except for official uses authorized by the government, they sell online for several hundred dollars.