Jammers are used on airplanes to stop passengers from playing mobile phones

High-quality UAV jammers, used in military applications to specialize in the production and sale of high-quality signal jammers, and provide a wide range of jammers for military applications. Drone jammers include portable models, desktop models, boxes, briefcases and models for various purposes. Other models include bomb jammers designed to protect vehicles from improvised explosive devices (IED), prison jammers used to protect the area, remote jammers used to remove remote control equipment, and a range of Mobile Wi-Fi devices and systems (GSM) jammer radio and GSM signals.

The remote control and GPS signals are interfered by the drone. perfectjammer provides a series of special jamming transmitters. With these jamming transmitters, you can interfere with the remote control (RC) of the drone (UAV) on the aircraft or its GPS signal ( Global Positioning System). Most top commercial drones/four-axis helicopters from 3 to 5 kilometers use only 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi and GPS L1. All other drones with 5.8 GHz, 433 MHz, and 928 MHz can control a maximum length between 500 m and 1,000 m. We provide equipment with reliable radio technology and guarantee reliable operation and stability.

Remote jammer series, perfectjammer is developing a special jammer series to limit RC signals from various devices including RC cars, ships and toys, as well as quadcopters, sirens and wireless sensors. Jail portable jammer and jammers in military sites are designed for prisons and other large sensitive locations, such as military or government buildings. They can also be used in military units, security and secret services, oil and gas storage facilities and fields, and museums.

If necessary, jammers can be used to prevent occupant phone communication. Portable briefcase jammer for RC bomb protection Portable briefcase with radio improvised explosive device is a portable broadband jamming system that can control explosives in hazardous areas by deactivating radio signals to protect VIPs and citizens from Damage caused by radio improvised explosion.

The briefcase jammer will emit radio frequency interference (RF) and create an “RF protection zone” around the object (or a group of objects in the area) so that the radio frequency can be used to activate the bomb by radio control (activate the cell/mobile device) , Radio and other functions) all kinds of radio equipment nearby) have sufficient clamping safety radius to save lives and avoid serious injuries.

People who interfere with vehicles and briefcases also monitor police and government agencies, security forces, VIPs and VIPs, checkpoints and border crossings, roadblocks and embassies. The jammer can provide different models according to frequency and output power, but can also be customized to meet user needs. GPS, jamming tracking and positioning, the GPS jammer model is designed to cover GPS tapes and other positioning and positioning devices to provide effective combat solutions, while GPS trackers and Wi-Fi Android positioning devices will not notice this.