GPS jammers are ideal for self-driving cars and personal equipment

Network company GPSdome Ltd. announced that it has successfully conducted aerial testing of its network equipment to prevent GPS interference and deception. The test was conducted with Bluebird Aero Systems Ltd. Specializes in unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV). Moshe Kaplan, Chief Technology Officer of GPSdome, said: “We installed the GPSdome on a small Bluebird drone to test GPS protection under interference conditions during the flight.” “Successful tests show that the drone protected by GPSdome is being interfered with. It can continue to work and maintain its GPS reception under the circumstances of the situation, and unprotected drones will lose GPS signals.”

Ehud Sharar, CEO of GPSdome, said: “Our GPSdome is the perfect solution for small drones and other miniaturized solutions that do not need to reduce their range.” “Our GPSdome’s amazing minimum SWaP (size, weight and performance ) Makes it ideal for self-driving cars and personal equipment.”

Guy Ma Cham, a senior partner at management consulting firm POC, said: “The US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) operates automatic drones to patrol the US-Mexico border and is attacked by border smugglers, mainly drug cartels. “DHS attaches great importance to light gps jammer solutions to meet this challenge. GPSdome is the only commercial solution that weighs less than 150 grams and consumes less than 0.75 watts.”

Omer Sharar, vice president of GPSdome marketing, said: “We are very interested in civilian GPSdome because all other existing similar products are developed based on military needs and are therefore expensive.” “Our affordable products are miniaturized, To better adapt to civilian applications, such as homeland security, emergency and emergency services, fleet management, utilities and infrastructure, network synchronization, financial transactions, etc.”

GPSdome has developed a network protection solution against interference and interference from GPS-based systems. Compared with existing solutions developed for military applications, the competitive advantage lies in low prices, while GPSdome developed for civilian applications is better. The company’s development team consists of electronic warfare (EW) engineers who previously worked in the defense industry. They developed GPSdome based on advanced military technology. However, due to the innovative miniaturization technology and the adaptability of civilian products, the price has been greatly reduced.