The installation of jammers in movie theaters was opposed by many people

Mumbai: Mobile phone jammers will soon appear in BMC theaters, Mohart said: “Some measures need to be taken to stop the harassment of mobile phones during competitions and performances. Jammers will enable listeners to enjoy the program peacefully.” Dadar (Dadar) Resident Pradnya Dongaonkar’s complaint will appeal to most theater and movie theater audiences. “It’s really annoying when the cell phone rings midway through the performance. People who violate the standards and instructions to ensure that the cell phone is idle or completely turned off should be fined.” Although the fine may still have a long way to go, at least in civil society In war zones, it can be prevented soon.

BMC pointed out that it is an annoying fact that mobile phones are often disturbed during live performances in lecture halls and theaters, so BMC decided to install portable jammer at its annual shareholders’ meeting. The proposal was proposed by Shiv Sena’s Shital Mhatre on July 25, 2019 for discussion. It is now announced that BMC has accepted the considered proposal to make suggestions and objections.

Mohart said: “Some measures need to be taken to stop the harassment of mobile phones during games and performances. Jammers will allow viewers to enjoy the show peacefully.” But not everyone agrees with this idea. Ajit Bhure, the theater character in charge of the Association of Commercial Game Producers, said: “Sometimes people make mistakes, but no one makes mistakes on purpose. Breaking the entire theater will cause big problems. Artists take four hours of rest. If an emergency occurs during this time , How do people know?” On the contrary, Bhure recommends raising awareness of how people move.

However, once the jammer is installed in the theater, it is no longer a permanent function. “After obtaining the necessary permission from the central government, BMC will continue its plan. Even if the jammer is installed, these facilities can only use the application if requested by the theater, producer, producer, association or organizer. Must be submitted in writing.