GPS jammers have a great impact on the French people

Milwaukee (CBS 58)-Many of us use our GPS regularly. Rescuers also rely on them to save lives. However, experts say that the GPS system is very fragile and the signal may be disturbed. Experts also said that if GPS jammers fall into the wrong hands, even grounding the aircraft may cause major problems. “It’s very critical. I mean, let someone hold their breath and let the device five minutes away from us. This is a big mistake, and you know they accidentally sent the device fifteen minutes away. Go out because they didn’t. This may be a big mistake,” said Matt Gannon, a doctor in Bell Ambulance.

Gan Nong said that GPS system failure is everyone’s burden. Gan Nong said: “If the computer fails, the crew, dispatcher, superior and everyone else will be more labor-intensive.” Reliance on GPS is beyond the scope of emergency services. Todd Humphreys, an associate professor at the University of Texas at Austin, said: “People have built systems on it. Banks and financial networks, communication networks, power distribution, etc.” John Humphrey It is believed that trust in GPS may cause financial losses, because GPS satellites are very vulnerable. Humphreys said: “This is a very important issue. These signals are so easily destroyed that I and others began to observe them when they were a fatal weakness for our society.”

They are easily interfered by simple devices called gps jammer, and they are illegal. GPS jammers are radio frequency transmitters that deliberately prevent, interfere with, or disrupt communications, such as B. mobile phones, SMS, GPS systems, and Wi-Fi networks. Humphreys said: “You can prevent GPS devices from working in areas near you so that the GPS receiver cannot work properly at 100 feet.” Humphreys said when a man left the GPS jammer in the car When boarding and flying, the GPS jammer caused headaches for French passengers and caused an economic blow to airlines.

“GPS is destructive throughout the airport, they closed the flight all morning trying to find the location of the vehicle, but finally found it a few hours later, but then there were hundreds of thousands or even millions of people in the United States Frye said: “Due to the cancellation of the flight, the US dollar will be lost tomorrow. Tom Kaczmarek, a cybersecurity expert at Marquette University, said that although our GPS addiction threat has always been in our daily lives, the government is working hard to improve the GPS system.

“Some people’s research technology is irreplaceable, but most of the research is quite secret, because most governments don’t want people to understand them before they start, because they don’t want them to be defeated on the first day,” Cachmarik said. Cannon (Gannon) is an experienced paramedic who knows the streets of Milwaukee with the back of his hand, and the fancy first aid GPS system may mean spending more time to find the hospital that best suits the patient’s specific needs. He told Gannon: “When I’m done on site, I can click “Transport”, it will show me the complete list of local hospitals, and GPS will actually trigger based on the address and automatically indicate the route to the hospital. If someone is arrested using a GPS jammer, they may face thousands of dollars from the FCC and may even be jailed.