Mobile phone jammers are installed in school buildings to prevent students from making calls

The New York Taxi and Limousine Committee is considering a proposal to install cell phone jammers in taxis and limousines to keep taxi drivers away from cell phones and pay attention to the streets. Due to the limited range of jammers to be used, this recommendation indicates that passengers can continue to make calls in the back seat. Of course, the driver objected to this and claimed that the mobile phone is essential for their work, and it will be illegal.

According to the Indian House of Lords, the increase in the use of mobile phones in India has triggered an unacceptable increase in rude propaganda, which is unacceptable and the most annoying criminals should be jailed. The Letters and Visits Committee, an influential body of the House of Lords, said that more than 277 million mobile phone users in the country often “cause trouble.” He added: “There is a need to educate where and how they use the device without annoying others.” He agreed with the call for new and strict laws to do this.

These comments are in response to Gurjit Singh’s petition. Gurjit Singh called for a ban on cell phones used in funerals and temples, and installed cell phone portable jammer in school buildings to prevent students from making calls. Singh also hoped that the phone companies would use their mobile phones to disable their devices on the street to prevent traffic accidents, and called for a law allowing officials to use mobile phones for private detention during office hours. These measures may seem extreme, but they have received strong support from India’s most-read English Times, The Times of India.

Banks in Tokyo have begun installing cell phone jammers on strategic ATMs in the region to prevent the elderly from falling victim to phone fraud. This is aimed at fraudsters who target older people and ask them to go to the bank to withdraw the cash of a child in need from the ATM machine, and then stay on the Internet to raid these elderly shortly after. The device should be a low-power device and can only cover an area of ​​about 2 meters.