Jammers are the safest electronic devices in prison

Video-As flight controversy around Redoine Faïd soars, Attorney General Nicole Belloubet promises to take new measures to improve prison security. Under the criticism of critics, Nicole Belloubet attacked. When asked about the flight from RTL to the gangster Redoine Faïd this morning, the seal defenders announced the development of portable jammer for laptops and drones used in prisons. The prison guard union condemned the march with backward technology.

On Sunday, the escape of multiple robbers was filmed on a portable device, which was then broadcast on the Internet by the prisoner. Although cell phones are banned from jail, the government seems to have difficulty preventing prisoners from owning cell phones. The Attorney General said: “Our department has opened up a new market that will allow full intervention in the facility from October to avoid such exchanges.”

Telephone interference is not new, because Jean-Jacques Urvoas has proposed to promote it in 2016. This year, 33,521 were seized, and this number continues to increase. According to the Ministry of Justice, three companies have since won the market with scalable technology that can respond to 3G and 5G and WLAN jammers. The Figaro confirmed that the entourage will be gradually installed in 187 facilities this fall, adding that priority will be given to “a facility designed to accommodate the most dangerous prisoners.” A total investment of 14 million euros is planned within six years.