The jammer is the guarantee of your beloved car

If you own a car with an electronic lock, please be extra careful. Using a device called “Radio Jammer”, criminals can easily open your car.

Very simple flight system
This new system is very simple. Just activate the radio interference transmitter and approach the driver who got off. When leaving the car, the driver plans to lock the car with an electronic key. However, this key is no longer applicable to signal jammer.

Therefore, the driver drives quietly and thinks that he has locked the car, and a malicious person can put his package in a completely safe state.

Parents hurry, perfect victim
After some schools are closed, the car owner is often the victim of theft. The parents of these students came to pick up their children quickly after school when their blood lineage declined. Ambush criminals used radio interference transmitters to deactivate the door lock system of vehicles that were temporarily disturbed. The situation along the street is side by side with a well-known school in the city. And in some large mosques this is also true during prayer.

In the school in question, the student’s parents expressed regret over the series of thefts. Management has been informed of theft and attempted victims. If you want to lock it remotely, your car will not work properly. Some people are eager to find their children and give up the urge to escort and truant from school. But when they return, they are usually surprised by the condition of their seats. And remember to lock the door before leaving.

Therefore, information about the scrambler’s escape was provided by the students’ parents, who discovered that when the children’s blood lineage declined, the malicious elements appeared to have robbed their parents. According to the statement collected at the scene, the school administration has realized this, and even someone has been arrested by the security forces.

One day, we saw a person whom the guard did not know. He stood next to the car of the students’ parents in our school. Because of his suspicious behavior, the guard arrested him and cut the line,” an employee said

Parents of students in these problematic schools were included in a long list of victims of this organized criminal gang, which used the same method as cars excavated near the big mosque near the school. It is difficult to determine the number of people participating in this practice.