How to deal with GSM jammer?

Most alarms are now wireless, and some tools used by thieves have replaced knives with GSM jammers.

GSM jammers or “jammers” are indeed new weapons used by thugs to counteract GSM alarm communications.

GSM jammers can be packed in pockets, and some entry-level products cost less than 50 euros. This tool is only suitable for certain organized criminals, and only if this technology proves effective, a small number of thieves should continue to grow. At least for individuals, this device is regulated, not to mention banned in France, but of course, you can easily get the “prohibited” model with just a few clicks on the Internet.

How does a GSM jammer work
The GSM jammer or GSM blocker only hides the GSM band. The radio communication of the control panel and its components will not be affected because it is transmitted in the 433 and/or 868 MHz band.

Therefore, anti-theft devices use gps jammer to prevent sending warnings over the phone. The thief can also disconnect the telephone line to ensure that no alarm leaves the house.

How to protect your GSM error alert system
The solution is completely wrong, and the alert manufacturer did not take a long time to develop countermeasures.

Indeed, the most secure alarm model has several techniques that can be used to identify and prevent GSM interference:

Fault detection
This function includes identifying and explaining the meaning of GSM signal loss: attempted destruction. Then, the control unit issues an alarm to signal a failure via another communication channel.

GSM + PSTN communication
When an alarm occurs, the alarm center will use the available communication channel. Most alarm systems have a wire break alarm, so users will immediately receive a failure alarm on one of the two lines.

IP alarm
The IP protocol is transmitted through the ADSL line, which may be physically separated, but the dedicated IP alarm is not very safe, and if the alarm box is reset too long, the alarm box will be reset for too long, and then a failure will occur The risk of warning is high. Interpreted as possible sabotage.

Radio interference transmitter 433 MHz 868 MHz
Interference wave technology is not limited to GSM. There are also jammers that operate on wireless connection channels, which are usually used for communication between the control panel and its wireless devices.

Therefore, this jammer can completely offset the detection system of the alarm system. However, almost all current alarm systems have a self-monitoring function to protect them from such events: if one or more detectors are not identified, the control unit will alert the owner via SMS or telephone.