Russia tried to launch an electronic war through jammers

Russia is obscuring the GPS systems of potential opponents in the Middle East. Russian electronic warfare (GE) may affect US troops stationed in the region, especially because of the possible armed conflict between the United States and Iran. According to American researchers, the signal to disrupt (and continue to disrupt) the satellite navigation of aircraft flying in Israeli airspace came from the Russian Hmeimim Air Force Base in Syria.

Russia is most likely to try to protect its troops in Syria in one way or another through gps jammer and launch an active electronic war, including drone attacks, but according to Tne National Interest, Israeli sources “ It is increasingly believed that “GPS downtime for several weeks in the region’s civil aviation” is a side effect of Russian radio interference in Syria. It is believed that Moscow is trying to destroy two Western aircraft, including the last (stealth) stealth fighter F-22 and F-35, as well as the aggressive drones that often attempt to attack the Russian Khmeimim base.

Starting in April 2019, the US Air Force deployed stealth F-22 and F-35 fighters as part of the confrontation between Qatar and the United Arab Emirates in the US-Iraq region. American publications point out that Russia is also visible in the GPS war on the European continent. The National Defense News said earlier: “At a large NATO trident exercise meeting held in Norway in late October 2018, the GPS signal was the first to detect interference.”-“The Norwegian military intelligence department reported that it The source of the interference has been registered at the Russian military base near the sturdy Kola Peninsula. The Finnish military intelligence service also said that the analysis of the Norwegian partners reflected their own investigation and evaluation.”

The US Air Force is currently planning to test anti-jamming GPS systems in Europe. Not only in the old world, but also on the stage of competition between the two world powers in the Middle East, this is part of a systematic response to Russian electronic warfare.