Jammer is a time bomb

Track the victim remotely, minute by minute, to hunt him down and kill him: Marseille criminals recently confiscated GPS beacons, indicating that the technology is no longer used exclusively by the police. Things to worry about in cities characterized by point billing.

In this area, the Marseilles have a bad start this year: 11 men were shot on the street, many of them victims of drug reports. If some of these actions are summary attacks, others are well prepared.

Prosecutor Brice Robin said in mid-April: “Today, criminals are using modern methods.” He described the seizures related to the arrest of a team suspected of and assassinated in 2014. In addition to classic police bracelets and beacons, investigators also found jammers and GPS beacons.

The judge admitted that these were originally used by spinning mills and have long been the prerogative of investigators, but nowadays, criminals use “judicial police”.

In addition to this seizure, two sources near the document also indicated that another recent criminal case filed in Marseille placed satellite spies on the victim’s chargeable vehicle.

In this case, the victim is a major human trafficking suspect, suspected of being involved in multiple murders, and his enemies are actively seeking victims. According to sources near the file, they came from hostile gangs who vowed to have their own skin.

“Everyone wants to know where he is. They managed to mark his vehicle” in order to attack him at the best possible time: he will die in a shootout in late 2015.

-Portable pilot-

Another file opened on the desk of the judge in Marseille, which contains the Association of Criminal Suspects to commit the crime. The black GPS beacon is one of the important contents of the investigation. In this case, red and green LEDs flashed cautiously and were found under the target’s car, and were tracked in real time after investigating the potential murderer.

The latter was allegedly close to a family that had open conflicts with the Marseilles and was arrested before taking action. And, in the eyes of the police, several phones were thrown, including “portable pilots,” which allowed them to track the movement of the target they pointed to on the map.

The police and the judiciary do not want to explain this topic in more detail. It is difficult to know how widely GPS beacons are used.

“We started to see them in the documents, as well as portable jammer that made people undetectable,” said an attorney with experience in criminal matters in Marseille.

These beacons are designed to follow company fleets or fight car theft. Everyone can use them, for better or worse. If “GPS-traceur.com” is equipped with a magnetized “spy” device, the price of “MouchardGPS.fr” is less than 200 euros, so it can be installed under the car.

With its battery, you can track the car remotely, and the location of the car is displayed on the car in real time.

Chehid Selmi, an attorney who tracks important criminal records, said that in addition to technology, settlers also use “increasingly complex technology.” He said: “They built a spinning mill, replaced several cars and motorcycles, and paid attention to the surface of the trailer to avoid being found.”

Defense lawyer Denis Fayolle said that with the development of technology, “we have always looked at places, not accidental things, always exist and will always exist.

Court officials said: “In the past, only bulletproof vests and beacons were borrowed from the police station… Some accounting rules may have been perfected,” but this does not mean that they “always” deliberate logic.

In criminal investigation documents, the use of GPS may be counterproductive to the author of the statement. However, please note that President Dominique Mattei and his partner Jérôme Susini: this evidence has been confiscated and “scientists” have used their data, which will make the defense work more difficult”.