The jammer may cause serious inconvenience to other mobile phone users

As part of the Pope’s security measures, the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) ordered telecommunications companies to shut down the coverage of cellular networks at specific times that occurred in Metro Manila. Party leader Rep. Von Kabataan’s Terry Ridon said in a statement on Saturday: “Signal interference may cause serious inconvenience for mobile phone users, especially in emergencies under.”

Last Friday, Sun and Smart subscribers complained about the loss of signals from Metro Manila and neighboring provinces. Telcos Sun, Globe and Smart argued that turning off cellular network coverage is a NTC policy and part of the security measures of Pope Francis state and apostles during visits. The Pope’s security, the Minister of the Interior, Manuel Rojas II, said that signal interference has been expanded to ensure that mobile networks are not used to threaten the Pope’s security. Minister of the Interior: “The capital of North India, Minila, Manhin ang orihinal na layunin… Manuel Rojas II said Friday.

Mobile phones are used to launch explosives remotely. Riden said, however, “signal portable jammer will only do more harm than good,” contrary to the government’s goals. “For example, what if family members are separated at a large meeting held in Luneta on Sunday? What if an emergency occurs? How will people communicate with each other?” The people of the Philippines certainly want the pope to stay safe while visiting the Philippines, we understand Are certain security measures in place?

Riden added: “However, we believe that the government should not disrupt the telephone signal. Communication is an integral part of public safety. Cutting the telephone line does more harm than good.” Marnie Townsend, legal adviser to the Philippines Internet Freedom Alliance (PIFA) (Marnie Tonson) said that telecommunications companies can and should “bring justice” to excessive government reports of civil servants because it occurs in peacetime, not civil war or war.

“If this is a government regulation, not an investigation, it is direct government intervention in the private sector. Telecommunication companies are not government agencies, but public utilities. According to the law, telecommunication companies will obtain franchise contracts to exercise their functions as Public service.” He said in another statement: “Like a water company, a transportation company.” “For example, the government shutdown puts the responsibility for directly responding to interventions on the shoulders of the government. “Government inquiry” is a gray Zone, telecommunications refused to provide services based on fragile arguments, “they” he should answer this request.

“The general rule is that large amounts of technology are prohibited except in times of war. Nuclear weapons, warships, and biological weapons are controlled (or should be controlled) by the Ministry of National Defense, precisely because they are the hammer of war. Warhammer,” Townsend added. Will the telecommunications company refund subscribers? Yoly Crisanto, senior vice president of corporate communications at Globe Telecom Inc., said in a text message to GMA News Online on Saturday that the lack of cellular signals has affected the public, but still There is no decision whether to reimburse the telecommunications company.

She added: “If there are any developments, we will notify our customers and update them.” Officials of Smart Communications Inc.’s parent company, Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company (PLDT) and Sun Celluar operator Digitel Telecommunications Philippines Inc. have not yet responded to this. Comment on the matter. In a written proposal later on Friday, Globe notified subscribers that the temporary shutdown was in accordance with government regulations. It said: “Hello, you may have temporarily lost your mobile signal and internet connection, especially on Pope Francis’ itinerary. For security reasons, this is done according to government policy.”