Jammers make your vehicle information safer

Criminals use a new tonic to attack vehicles, mainly freight. Understand how jammers or signal blockers work, and discover key methods to prevent theft. A jamming is a portable device that can block signals from GPS, GSM, 2G, 3G, 4G LTE cellular phones, UHF and VHF radios, WiFi and Nextel. The system emits low-frequency radio waves that interfere with the connection and prevent signals from being transmitted to and received from restricted areas. Generally, jammers are used in security areas in military enclosures, airports, prisons, business meetings, and places where confidentiality is required. Today, jammers are also used to smuggle freight vehicles.

The positioning device installed in the vehicle has a GPS chip, which can calculate its location and send it to the server through a data transmission network to show the owner the exact location of its transportation. During the robbery, the jamming opportunity prevents GPS and cellular signals transmitting data. In this way, not only does the precise location of the vehicle disappear, but it is also impossible to monitor from the platform due to the disconnection from the vehicle. If both signals are blocked, criminals can carry vehicles everywhere, hide and quietly bear heavy objects.

According to the investigation by the Chilean Investigation Police (PDI) Robbery Brigade, it was found that the frequency of theft of goods using gps jammer  is one every 6 days. It should be noted that in many cases, those affected are unaware that the robbery was caused by human interference, and therefore are not included in the register. Considering the frequency of such attacks on various routes in Chile, Drivetech SpA has developed anti-jamming technology. After Diacel Cargo Deputy Operations Manager Marcos León stole one of the trucks, the company stopped our security, control and fleet management services. Leon talked about the effectiveness of Drivetech’s anti-jamming technology: “With Drivetech technology, we were able to successfully stop the attack and recover 100% of the goods.”