Jammers can prevent criminals from talking

The first is to understand the location and communication prohibition system. The former is a person who does not allow the GPS team to determine its position, while the latter is a person who does not allow the GPS team to communicate their position to the control platform, thereby preventing them from taking any action against them. Happening. Modern satellite tracking systems not only use the latest technology, but are also equipped with cellular jammers (communications) and motion sensors to determine GPS interference conditions (location).

what does that mean? In addition to being more difficult to prevent due to the technology used, they can also identify signal suppression and operate according to specific procedures (they are autonomous because they have certain information. They know what to do and should behave in certain situations) good). Among them, this enables the vehicle to stop under such prohibition. On the other hand, the intelligent monitoring platform recognizes the lack of communication between the tracked units and warns the operators of these conditions so that they can notify the authorities and prevent robbery attempts.

This technology allows you to connect sensors to various systems in the vehicle and their transport assets to obtain real-time information about operations, locations and routes. These devices can be programmed to trigger an alarm or by preventing the device from taking action on its own during certain events, such as emergency events. B. When parking in an unauthorized place, changing the route or disabling the geolocation function. In addition, you can add an emergency button and a surveillance camera system or spy microphone in the cabin and trailer. Now that you know how to detect interference, work with the provider of equipment that can ensure that it is difficult to change and systems that respond appropriately to these signal portable jammer attacks.