GPS jammer is a powerful anti-tracking device

According to annual crime statistics, car thefts have steadily declined in the past decade. These declines are due to many different factors, including the advancement of vehicle warning systems and the increasing use of GPS trackers in the security of consumer car theft. As long as technological progress can play a role in reducing crime, this is positive, but unfortunately, criminals will always try to find new illegal methods. This is why many car theft thieves now use GPS jammers to counter the use of GPS locators by consumers and businesses that want to protect their car assets. But how exactly do GPS jammers make criminals and problem employees.

GPS jammers are systems that interfere with the reception and transmission of GPS signals from real-time GPS trackers. The jammer is essentially placing digital bubbles around the car. The digital bubble will extend about 500 meters and interfere with the GPS tracker that sends or receives GPS signals. Some of these jammers can even prevent cellular telephone (GSM) communication, which can be used to send or receive location information. The jammer essentially prevents the GPS tracker designed for anti-theft security from working properly, which is why so many thieves use the system.

“Fleet tracking experts said:” GPS signals cannot penetrate concrete or metal. When vehicles enter the underground garage, they will drop a digital map program that monitors real-time GPS tracker data. This phenomenon occurs when people use GPS jammers. The car just disappeared from the digital map program. ”

In most places, the use of GPS jammers is illegal, but the purchase of such equipment is still completely legal. To make matters worse, it is becoming easier for criminals to use this device because the online market is now flooded with GPS jammers produced in countries such as China and Russia. In fact, it is said that some jamming GPS car tracking devices developed in Russia are powerful and can intercept GPS signals 100 kilometers away! The use of gps jammer  by car thieves is still very common, but it shows that this is a way to deceive the GPS locator. Unfortunately, there is almost no way to prevent cars from being stolen 100%, especially when GPS jammers will block the tracker. However, law enforcement experts still agree that if a vehicle equipped with a GPS tracker is stolen and has a higher security in the shortest possible time.

Considering the fact that many companies secretly equip internal vehicles with GPS trackers to improve fleet management and vehicle safety, it is not surprising that some people driving these vehicles feel that their privacy has been violated. . Unfortunately, if you do not agree with the employer’s measures to monitor driving activities, don’t take no action. This is precisely a resident of Hunterden who was fined $30,000 from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) because he used a GPS jammer system to conceal his driving activities from his boss.

Devices that block or interfere with GPS signals are illegal, because so much communication today depends on satellite technology. Therefore, after the investigation, it was discovered that the GPS jammer Gary Bojczak, who was hiding next to his employer, played a role in supervising the operation of surveillance communications at Newark Liberty International Airport, which was a heavy penalty. The fine may be high, but in fact Bojczak was lucky that he was not sentenced to prison for his actions. The reason is that GPS jammers will not only prevent vehicle tracking devices from receiving signals, but also prevent air traffic controllers from obtaining important position information about them, the position of the aircraft in the sky or on the runway. After the FCC received a formal complaint from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), the investigation began. The complaint was that the ground augmentation system (GBAS) at Newark Liberty Airport had been damaged. The tracking system is critical to supporting air traffic controllers by providing accurate navigation data for aircraft landing, takeoff, and all other movements in or near the airport.

Investigators used radio surveillance equipment to discover that in early August 2012, a red pickup truck on the ground of the airport, due to its ability to interfere with GBAS, transmitted signals at frequencies restricted by law. The evidence brought the investigators to Bojczak, who admitted to using a GPS jammer to hide his employer, who had a hidden GPS tracker on his work truck. Bojczak was traveling with investigators and handed over the GPS jammer without demonstration. Although GPS jammers are sending signals that interfere with GBAS frequency, investigators said that flying at Newark Airport has never been dangerous. Technologies in the workplace are increasingly used, such as surveillance cameras, computer software programs for monitoring online activities, or GPS vehicle tracking devices.