GPS jammer is a product of the Internet era

The global positioning system is a satellite network that transmits signals. The receiving device uses these signals to determine the geographic location through trilateration. For example, to determine the location on the floor, at least three input signals are required. However, with more input signals, the accuracy will increase. In order to determine geographic location and altitude, at least four signals must be available.

GPS not only determines geographic location, but also provides a key fourth dimension that many people do not know. Each GPS satellite contains several atomic clocks that send extremely accurate time data to the receiver. The receiver decodes the information and allows the electronic device to determine the correct time within one billionth of a second.

In recent years, the Russians have begun to block GNSS. Initially, Russia temporarily concealed or faked GNSS to conceal the position of President Putin. The strategy aims to ensure Putin’s safety and prevent weapons based on satellite positions from pursuing Putin. For example, when Putin crossed the Kerch Bridge from Russia to Crimea, a ship accident occurred in the Black Sea. As a result, 24 ships moored nearby displayed their location at Anapa Airport, 40 miles away.

Putin’s magnificent summer house near the Black Sea is also protected by permanent GNSS deception areas. This gave his home the same level of airspace protection and portable jammer  as the Kremlin. However, in recent years, Russia has expanded its GNSS interference, prevention and deception. Your GPS jammers are so advanced that they may perform a wide range of “attacks” on GNSS receivers, which may interfere with all navigation systems in the selected area.

In early March, Congressman D-Oregon, chairman of the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee of the United States House of Representatives, expressed concern about the slow progress of GPS security: “We are concerned that 14 months after the mandate……become law, and then 11 months will become law “” Congress has invested a lot of money, and there has been little progress in administration. “In the bipartisan letters, Congressman Larson (Washington DC) and Chairman of the Aviation Subcommittee, Maloney (R-New York), Chairman of the Coast Guard and Maritime Transport Subcommittee and Garamonte (D of California) ) The Chairman of the Armed Forces has issued a Subcommittee on Preparations. The Minister of Transport is requested to update the status. From the beginning of May, no updates will be publicly available.

As the United States increasingly relies on technology to control many aspects of our lives, the fact that this technology requires extremely precise time has not been lost. As pointed out by the American Telecommunications Industry Solutions Alliance, GPS jammers that cause time issues are a flaw in wireless systems and our growing Internet of Things.