The protection of the jammer on the mobile phone is comprehensive

I have fraudulent behavior on the Internet, so the basic principle of our store is not to deceive, not to write any false information, to deceive customers, we pursue more authenticity, make online shopping safer, and have a better environment. A wireless network can be a medium for stealing your information, allowing criminals to invade your computer and steal important information. In some cases, we will follow a few cars. For security reasons, I bought a wifi jammer on the Internet. As you know, as technology develops, there is a downside. We use signals such as GPS and wireless networks. I can improve my life. Can be identified by the State Department of my portable jammer.

You can only make calls from service areas in specific areas, or you can make calls immediately after leaving the interference area. There are also convenient functions. The on/off and strength of each resistance band can be adjusted. With independent power supply and radio control button. The radio waves you want to block can be set individually. Cut only the radio waves you want to block. It can run stably for a long time. It becomes the electromagnetic coverage of smartphones, I won’t say. I want to know what is a radio wave barrier.

Mobile portable jammer devices are designed to prevent antenna mining errors only after inserting the correct antenna. (Note: If you don’t have an antenna, please turn on the power switch, it may damage the machine) *Easy operation, automatic power supply Bluetooth device can run, start slowly, inhibit effective ignition circuit design Avoid *Import imported high-performance integrated circuits and SMT parts , Imported automatic SMT machine and reflow soldering machine processing, assembly line production, quality, stable performance, maintenance utilization rate is less than 2%. Suitable for all test items of wireless jammers, keep away from corrosive gases and liquids, avoid dust and moisture, so as not to accelerate the aging of equipment components.