It is illegal to intentionally use a jammer to disturb the lives of others

Sniffing and interfering with RF signals in cars is an increasingly serious security issue. The wireless key input system in the automotive industry is still vulnerable to easily available hacking techniques. Regardless of labor policies, safety standards should not be open to general use Not long ago, when I participated in a technical conference in San Francisco, my colleague’s high-end BMW was attacked online. The car was not damaged, but our two laptops (fixed in the trunk) were stolen. Since then, wireless car safety has become a real problem for me.

Where did the intrusion come from? According to several recent news, it is easy. With the help of a $30 tool developed by hackers to “disguise” the ship’s security system, unskilled criminals can easily open and steal high-end cars. “Pwn” means “own property”, such as the Internet that conquers or steals to obtain property. language. With the aid of a $30 tool from China, criminals can reprogram empty car keys, and these non-technical thieves can use them to steal cars in two to three minutes. This is not only China’s suspicious technology. A careful search on the Internet revealed that this is a specific password development kit provided by a leading American company. Hope its main application is the development method

Part of the problem is the OBB bypass tool (automotive on-board diagnostic program), available from China and Eastern Europe. Before reprogramming the empty key, a potential thief only needs to intercept the wireless transmission between a valid key fob and the car. With the new key/tag, criminals can open the car or start the car through the OBD system and protocol. RF and wireless sniffer and interference products are available on the Internet. The product descriptions on these sites are usually so poorly written that they confirm the foreign origins of most providers. By the way, it is illegal to intentionally interfere with RF signals in the United States.

Radio frequency jammers can be used for various types of wireless protocols, from GPS, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to mobile phones. Why is your car gps jammer? One of the reasons is to hide all the GPS tracking data sent about the location of your car. The transmission of the phone will also be interrupted. In addition, this jammer can be used for nearby vehicles according to nearby vehicles, the transmission power of the jammer, and the structure of the target receiver (ie, the interfered vehicle).

The purpose of interference is to destroy or prevent the electronic means from receiving RF signals clearly. Usually, the jammer is specifically designed for the target receiver architecture. Once you know the type of jammer, you can reduce its impact on the receiver. Detecting the presence of the occluder is the key to alleviating the problem because it is difficult to plug the occluder. Technology-savvy car owners can use a spectrum analyzer to measure the average energy change in the trailer’s locked spectrum. By identifying the fault condition, the owner is informed of the danger. Now, this technology is so efficient that a quick search on the Internet can accurately explain how to car key ring into surprising details.

Regarding political challenges, it must be understood that OBD readers for legitimate purposes can be used in car repairs and after-sales stores at any time. One problem is that the OBD data for such third-party garages must be opened to comply with the European Free Trade Association’s regulations on open competition in the automotive industry. This means that technology and well-intentioned but not well-thought-out foreign policy work policies can cause cybercrime in the global economy. This is a systemic issue that requires close cooperation between high-tech security and software companies, OEMs and various government policy makers.

However, more can be done to improve the password system of many wireless vehicle key systems (often referred to as “weak”). There are several standards that should help. For example, the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE), in collaboration with ISO Standard Boys, has proposed a document on the safety principles of intelligent transportation systems and connected and automated vehicles. This document refers to standards and guidelines applicable in accordance with ISO/IEC JTC 1 and two SAE standards: SAE J3061, Cyber ​​Security Guide for Cyber ​​Physical Vehicle Systems and SAE J3101, Hardware Protection Security Requirements for Ground Vehicle Applications and Four NIST Documents . The problem now goes beyond the loophole of the wireless, keyless vehicle locking system. At the end of 2019, Motherboard reported that a hacker known only as L&M used GPS signals to hack more than 27,000 commercial vehicle fleet accounts. According to Motherboard reports, hackers can then track vehicles in a few countries, including India and the Philippines, and shut down engines that have stopped or are traveling at 12 miles per hour or slower.