Is it possible in the future that the jammer will become the first weapon in space

An interesting engineering professional website reported on April 23 that the advanced satellite portable jammer  that has been developing since 2004 has officially become the first weapon of the US space force.

The United States Space and Missile Systems Center (SMC) announced on its Twitter account earlier this month that the new US defense agency, the US Space Force (US Space Force), was established by Donald Trump in March 2018. Force) is said to have received its first weapon to interfere with satellite communications.

Therefore, the peer-to-peer communication system block 10.2 can temporarily interrupt communication from other satellites on the ground, making it temporarily unavailable. The device poses a major threat to the world’s military, and without the support of their satellites, they may not be able to communicate. To make matters worse, the missile siren may turn off and subject any country to devastating attacks.

There are 13 similar systems in the world, so the United States is not the first to see them. Since 2013, the Russian army has adopted the Krassoukha 4 system with similar characteristics.