Jammers only affect the use of mobile phones in prisons

Jail cell phone jammers, prison inmates are not allowed to carry cell phones. If they get one, they can use it to organize illegal activities, threaten witnesses and plan to escape. Prison officials can use cell phone jammers to block signals from cell phones, which may send prisoners to the prison.

Using cell phone jammers in prisons may affect the surrounding public cellular network. We work with the New South Wales Correction Service Center (CFNSW) to ensure that the use of jammers does not affect your mobile phone.

The jammer is used in the Lithgow Correctional Center. In 2013, we approved the Lithgow Correctional Center’s test of the mobile phone portable jammer, which is part of the “2015 Radio Communication Exemption Determination”. The process should check whether the jammer can block the cell phone signal in the prison without affecting the use of the cell phone in the prison. There are no confirmation reports or public complaints about the disruption of cellular networks in the area.

After the public consultation process that ended on July 6, 2018, new impairments were made. As of November 1, 2018, with the approval of the 2018 “Radio Communication Exemption”, the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Social Sciences will continue to use cell phone jammers at the Lithgow Correctional Center. You can see the area covered by the cell phone jammer on the map of the Lithgow Correctional Center.

CSNSW is also testing cell phone jammers at Goulburn Correctional Center. We passed the “Gulburn Exemption Law” to approve this attempt. This process examines the risks of using cell phone jammers in prisons near a large number of people. The results will help the authorities decide whether to use jammers in other prisons. CSNSW informed us that the test was conducted before the start of August 26, 2019. CSNSW provided us with a test report in accordance with the exceptional Article 7(3)(a). We have notified CSNSW that we are confident that the use and operation of the jammer meet the conditions specified in the exception. You can see the area covered by the cell phone jammer on the map of Goulburn Correctional Complex. This is the map referred to in the definition of Goulburn Exemption Clause 4 “Field Test Area”.