The prison installs the most advanced jammer system

The Parisian institution, which has been closed for several years, is now “opening” its doors again and is equipped with a new jammer system for portable phones, with fixed phones installed in the units. This 2.8 hectare medical prison was completed in 1867 in the center of the 14th arrondissement of Paris. Over the years, it has become the most obvious sign of the decline in the number of French prisons.

Medical care, which has been closed for several years, is now being reopened by integrating an important technological development at the prison level, which can be used in other facilities if it works. In 2017, 70,000 inmates in 180 prisons in France confiscated 40,067 phones and accessories. In addition, according to the government, the portable jammer system is largely ineffective.

The authorities decided to develop and maintain a new interference system for six-person mobile phones of the French company during the renovation of the health prison in Paris. At the same time, the fixed telephone is now installed in the unit.

Agence France-Presse reported that Telio is one of the leading European companies in this field and has obtained a ten-year landline public service concession. “Using the landline phone in the cell is an appeal to detention. Detainees can call their family members without restrictions,” said Christelle Roach, head of the agency’s AFP