Jammer is a communication suppression device

A “radio wave jammer” is a device that blocks radio waves from mobile phones and Wi-Fi to temporarily disable them. In some theaters and halls, it can be installed with a license from a wireless station to prevent damage to mobile phones and WiFi. Let’s take a closer look at the “WiFi jammer”, which can be described as an extended form and can only separate the target router.

Make sure that the Wi-Fi jammer is indeed available, and there is indeed a sound, the so-called radio wave interference is not easy to use. This is because all devices that fall within the effective range of the radio interference transmitter will be affected. For example, they may be unskilled, such as B. “Only use the mobile phone and disconnect the WLAN connection” or “Connect to the WLAN used by the connected party, but only disconnect the free WLAN connection”.

However, on the other side of the ocean, a new generation of portable jammer with this flexibility has been developed. It looks like an ordinary mobile WiFi router, but it is a communication suppression device that can only disconnect the target WiFi router. The Wi-Fi module “ESP8266” has been installed. If it is connected to a mobile battery, it is structurally a mobile WLAN router.

I tried to check if the Wi-Fi jammer can really be used abroad. To use it, first connect the Wi-Fi jammer and smartphone to Wi-Fi. Since the Wi-Fi jammer itself is an access point, please set the connection destination to “pwned”.