Jammers pose a huge threat to drones

The radio jamming system is mounted on the gun shell, making flying anti-aircraft guns light (10 pounds or less) and easy to use. It is designed to start within 0.1 seconds after startup and can run continuously for five hours. Not only is the system highly efficient, but the target users of DroneDefender (government agencies and law enforcement agencies) are also familiar with this rifle-like design. According to the Vesti news program on the first channel of national television, a Russian fighter plane successfully tested the electronic jammer on the American destroyer Donald Cook in the Black Sea. The report quoted anonymous Russian sources as saying that this technology could destroy the entire US Navy. The electronic interference spread by Russian media in animation programs is intended to indicate the use of electromagnetic or radio frequency weapons. Polygraph.info found that the technology requires the use of external cabins suspended on the wings and/or fuselage of the aircraft. In Su-24, no such external jealousy was seen.

Around 20 “troublemaker” networks were installed around and around the prison to create a 600-meter (approximately 2,000-foot) virtual wall that drones could not cross. In any case, perfectjammer.com will be used next month. This “unmanned gps inhibitor” product works on a small principle. The product specifications of related ground companies are very thin, indicating that the use of some form of RF portable jammer can prevent drone operators from contacting the drone, which will be taken away by unmanned aircraft and obstacles. Own GPS driving frequency.

(For example, if a phased array antenna is used to perform this operation, its width on the landing drone will be narrow, and the contact with the base station will be lost, and it may be forced to refuse service due to RF landing interference. You can use a predetermined frequency in each range transmission to minimize interference from other users in this frequency band. If a South Carolina prison can use cell phone signal shielding technology, a state official said, a Prisoners were unable to escape the highest security prison on Tuesday. State law enforcement and Governor Marcos Kyle Henry McMaster responded to the federal government Sterling last Friday, requesting changes to its policies to make people signal Disturbed by frustration.

A company called hibintdorjammer.com launched a 6 kg rifle jam machine, which is said to be able to remove the drone from the drone 1.5 km away. Other experts warn that hiring more people to bring drones into the open space of the prison will be expensive. Another consultant believes that frequency suppressor drones will shut them down in flight, but the Federal Communications Commission prohibits any entity outside the federal government from taking such actions. Basically, it is a radio frequency jammer that uses radio transmission to overwhelm the drone or prevent it from communicating with the operator. If the drone is flying automatically, the cannon will block GPS signals that may depend on it. The technology has been successfully tested in a military environment, but it has not been used for civilian purposes.