A powerful jammer can interfere with the flight path of the aircraft

A resident of Montélimar was arrested in the city center on Friday for disrupting mobile communications. He equipped himself with a frequency jammer because he felt he was being watched. A resident of Montélimar was arrested on Friday afternoon on suspicion of a very special crime: “possessing and using equipment that tends to deactivate communication equipment”. Because that person is using a jammer.

Fearing to be spied at the police station, he said he felt persecuted. He recently installed a camera in his apartment in the old town to monitor his house. It’s just that he often gives the impression that his camera is remotely controlled and the individual is monitoring his situation. Therefore, he was interfered, which is strictly forbidden because it can cancel the electric wave and disable the mobile phone and GPS. In the case of a strong signal jammer, this may even disrupt the aircraft.

According to the investigation by the National Frequency Agency, the mobile network in this field has been greatly damaged. Therefore, the National Frequency Agency conducted an investigation. She used special equipment to send agents to the Montelimar center, and they quickly found the apartment. Then, the police went to Montilla’s house, found the disruptor there, and entered the 1940s. The man who admitted the facts will be sent to the police station again early this week.