China’s jammers are a headache for Americans

The Russian disruptors have attracted the attention of the Chinese media. For Sina Portal, this weapon is a real “headache” that the United States must face. The Pentagon’s navigation system is an essential tool for any Army mission. The Chinese portal Sina wrote that Russian electronic jammers could paralyze the US GPS receivers and cause real “headaches” for the United States.

As stated in the publication, Russian equipment may paralyze the Pentagon’s GPS system and force the United States to admit “failure after failure”. The author of this article writes that the lack of GPS signals will greatly reduce the combat effectiveness of armor and lead to waste of ammunition. In this context, Washington is urgently developing GPS devices that can resist interference. The author suspects: “However, since the GPS system is vulnerable to interference and false signals, the United States may abandon it because it will only weaken its armed forces.”

He added that, according to his data, it was precisely because of interference with the GPS used by Russia (especially in Syria) that the receivers of NATO member states were withdrawn from use. In the end, he concluded that these measures require advanced communication technology and excellent mathematical skills, “Russians are famous for this.” A few months ago, Norway and Finland accused Russia of deliberately sabotaging the military exercises at the Trident hub by gps jammer the GPS system. Moscow firmly rejected the system.