What disturbing conversations can be interrupted by jammers

When working outdoors, it is sometimes difficult to concentrate. However, in addition to the noise level, the clarity of the surrounding conversation also bothers us. Who said that open spaces sometimes make a lot of noise. The sound can be annoying, making it difficult to concentrate on your work. Frédéric Lafage, the founding president of Orfea Acoustics, said at the “Europe Short Circuit 1” conference: “However, it is not necessarily the noise level that causes this discomfort.”

The clarity of the dialogue, the main voice interference. The real reason for the portable jammer is that we understand what is being said around us: “Our brain has the particularity of constantly recombining information from small keywords.” Therefore, reducing the clarity of dialogue is the key to avoiding interference from work noise. The key is FrédéricLafage, which contains so-called disturbing conversations.

Confusing signals for dialogue. This box sends a signal, “It can be compared with the noise made by wind or water” and makes the conversation difficult to understand. “We constantly measure the sound level by area and create so-called discretionary zones. In a meeting room with three to four employees, the conversation in the meeting room remains internal (…), which is less disturbing Employees in nearby offices.

“The reversal of noise is not silence.” Of course, we always hear this colleague speak without interruption, but “we don’t understand anymore.” “The idea is really to restore comfort”, because “the opposite of noise is not silence” but “comfort”. And this box also contains an indicator light that “everyone can find their own way”. This means that the color changes according to the noise produced: blue or green, “we are in a comfortable state”, orange or red, which is no longer the case.