“Frequency jammer” may allow thieves to prevent automatic door closing

This is not a rumor, or even a potential risk (such as a security breach), but a reality: car thieves have a new behavior, which unfortunately is very simple and very effective. The National Police issued an official press release on May 19, 2020, warning that “frequency jammers” may allow thieves to prevent automatic closing of doors… in order to search or steal them safely.

A simple, cheap box that only costs a few tens of euros. The signal gps jammer is neither complicated nor big: it can be held in one hand, and it blocks the signal from the remote control to the car only when the door is closed (automatic remote locking) . The signal is encrypted and the car remains open.

The authorities worry that it is very easy to get such interference on the Internet and parallel markets. Their price also makes them dangerous: barely fifty euros or everyone can use it. Suddenly, their shadows flooded Île-de-France and throughout France.

The only solution: stay vigilant, if the police can monitor, they arrested three young people in the operation from May 12 to 15, 2015. The number of cars and jammers in circulation is too large for the police to check everything. Nothing to do with these boxes.

Nothing but… The problem is that when using a remote lock, you are more likely to not check whether the door is closed: usually, when you leave the vehicle and do not return, you press the button. However, the thief looked at with the box. However, if you stay vigilant and check whether the door is really closed, there is nothing you can do: if the door is not closed, you can press the button again to close it at any time, or you can stay close to the vehicle as long as you close the door. Not closed.