Signal jammer prevents software installation on the phone

GPS is known to most of us, but some people don’t understand Lojack. Lojack is GPS and other similar devices with better performance and 24 hours tracking. Most car GPS and LoJack can be left or hidden somewhere. How to protect these two signals? We say that signal jammers can solve this problem.

Signal jammers are 2G, 3G wifi jammers and mobile phones, gps jammer. It is a combination of LoJack jammers, portable and can be moved to any location. For example, when we get in the car, if you want GPS (GPSL1 1500MHz-1600MHz) and LoJack device signals (LoJack 160MHz -175MHz) instead of mobile phones, you can choose to turn off the signal button 2G 3G to make it work properly. At the same time, the LoJack GPS switching signal is maintained, so that the GPS/LoJack connection or the transceiver of the communication signal is damaged. Tracking is lost. In addition, signal jammers can prevent the installation of software on GPS and LoJack phones, which means that the device can block GPS and LoJack hardware and software signals.

As we said, this is low-power 4W portable signal interference, the maximum interference is in the range of 1 to 30 meters, it is designed for personal use, but not suitable for large spaces. On the phone, the device can block 2G CDMA 851 MHz-894MHz, 925MHz GSM-960MHz, DCS 1930MHz-1880MHz, 1930MHz PCS-1990MHz, 2110MHz 3G-3G 2185MHz, 2110MHz-2185MHz.