Signal jammer will build your private space

With the increasing pressure on population and housing, many things are being designed, and smaller and smaller houses, apartments, convenience stores, restaurants and offices are reducing costs and space. At the same time, building materials are shrinking. The reason why we choose the new smaller size hidden signal jammer is to deal with the interference of 2G 3G 4G mobile phones and WIFI.

Unlike the large and empty body, the cell phone signal portable jammer is other desktop jammer, compact and stylish, not to mention the cake box, so it is easy to hide the drone jammer everywhere-if you don’t want others Find it. The antenna has also been improved-the built-in device, although the shell is not found, but the appearance is small, but the impact of interference is not small, and the mobile phone jammer still maintains good performance. With high power output, the device has a perfect coverage of about 40 meters, which means that all 2G 3G 4G mobile phones have lost the ability to connect with others, including wireless connection through signal chat application tools. In addition to WIFI jammers, if they work under the conditions of WIFI 2400-2500MHZ, they can also block wireless tablets, iPads, wireless spy cameras and voice recorders to protect our phone intervention.

If you are not satisfied with some jammers with antennas and do not need a large coverage area, you can turn off multiple antennas in it and it is easy to hide the normal coverage area. The signal jammer will build a private space for you.