Prisons and military are using signal jammers

We all know that people need a quiet environment when they sleep so that they can get a good rest without interference from mobile phones and other phones. If so, interference signals may be used to help them achieve this desire. In addition, because the conditions of the peace and military prisons and other sleeping places are so important that one of the conditions is so important that foreigners cannot understand, so they can only provide a good general tool. Therefore, cut off the mobile phone signal, GPS, WiFi Signals and signals from prisons and the military are indeed necessary.

Under normal circumstances, if signal jammers are used in prisons and the military, they will need to be used outdoors, so waterproofing is really necessary. Now that advanced technologies have been designed for this type of waterproof and shockproof jammers, and have been widely used in this article, you will have the opportunity to see this kind of “waterproof portable jammer.” Water, “216W multifunctional shockproof”, is a powerful manufacturing multifunctional frequency jammer that can be used in military and prisons, then just check the details of this waterproof and shockproof 216W high-power mobile phone WiFi GPS jammer.

For more information, please refer to this 216W waterproof and shockproof WiFi GPS jammer phone, which is designed to be waterproof and shockproof. This 216W mobile phone waterproof and shockproof WiFi GPS jammer has six interference bands: CDMA850, GSM900, GSM1800 and PCS1900 and 3G, WiFi and GPS. Each frequency band of the unit is adjustable and can work independently without contact with other uses. This is the owner of convenient functions and can choose the frequency band to be cut, so it is very convenient. As a result, according to the signal strength of a given area, a high total output power of 216W was designed so that 320W Bluetooth mobile GPS interference can interfere with up to 100 meters.