GPS jammers can participate in military exercises

The Catholic Margarita Escobedo goes to church at least twice a week and is a volunteer at the San Gennaro Church. She said that she wanted to welcome interference from the diocese because of the increasing number of mobile phones there. The more popular it is annoying. GPS jammers are usually small devices that can be plugged into the lightest port of the vehicle and send out radio signals, which can overpower or drown weak signals such as GPS or other signals.

GPS jammers are designed to protect areas and assets from satellite navigation threats, such as GPS-guided missiles. SCL-APSNT can also be used for low-flying drones to avoid identifying important locations. gps jammer can be effectively used in combat situations to eliminate satellite-guided weapon systems, missiles, and ground/air threats. It is designed to run on all available satellite navigation systems, including GPS, GPS II, GALILEO and GLONASS at different power levels, currently or in the near future. Can run in COMPASS to upgrade. (SCL-APSNT) The protection range provided is from 30 km to 150 km, depending on the output power of the interference source and the predicted coverage area.

Overworked Army intelligence officers tracked these frequencies, and overworked Navy electrical engineers compared these frequencies with 14 types of electronic jamming used by the coalition forces. With the emergence of new frequencies, the National Security Agency, the Naval Electronic Warfare Experts in Maryland, and the Army Experts in New Jersey analyzed the updated MOASS to recommend adjustments to the interference settings. Those modified “cargo groups” have been emailed to the US military nationwide to reprogram the jammers. This cumbersome procedure took several weeks before the new frequency was recorded in the spreadsheet. Even if hundreds of new jammers arrive in Iraq every month, this requires more detailed analysis and other reprogramming. . The senior defense official recalled: “This is a disaster.”